What We Offer

Fertility Awareness Education

Want to know more about your monthly cycle? Tired of the side effects from contraceptives? Attend one of our educational sessions to better understand your reproductive system and the role it plays in your overall health.  Check our session for teens!

Learn an effective way to track your natural fertility from one of our fertility awareness instructors. We offer instruction in multiple methods, so you can choose what works best for you.

Free Pregnancy Testing

Think you might be pregnant? Guiding Star Wakota offers free and confidential pregnancy testing. No appointment is needed, although you can click here to schedule one online.

Life can be complicated. One of our Client Advocates is here to listen to your concerns about pregnancy, plus any other pressing needs or issues.  

After performing the test, the Client Advocate will provide you the results within just a few minutes. No matter what the results, a Client Advocate is right there with you to provide emotional support. Your personal information is always safe with us—we follow strict confidentiality policies and procedures. Read more…

Free Ultrasounds

Having an ultrasound early in your pregnancy provides an accurate due date and also can help reduce the likelihood of premature delivery—particularly if you enroll in a prenatal care program as soon as possible. Guiding Star Wakota has a Registered Nurse and a Registered Sonographer (RDMS), who are both specifically trained to perform these exams, as well as a medical doctor who reviews all ultrasounds. Read more…