Women’s Health Services

Fertility Awareness Education

Want to know more about your monthly cycle? Tired of the side effects from contraceptives? Attend one of our educational sessions to better understand your reproductive system and the role it plays in your overall health.  Check our session for teens!

Learn an effective way to track your natural fertility from one of our fertility awareness instructors. We offer instruction in multiple methods, so you can choose what works best for you.

We are so excited to pilot an educational program specifically for 9-13 year-old girls at the Guiding Star Wakota Fertility Awareness Center in May. The national coordinator of the Guiding Star Cycle Show, Kari Beadner, will be coming to Wakota to present this program.

On Friday evening May 13th, there will be a presentation for parents to preview what the girls will be learning. Then on Saturday May 14th, the program for the girls will be from 9am-2pm. A lunch will be provided.

To learn more and to discern if this is a good option for your 9-13 year-old girl, visit the Cycle Show website. You will also find the link to register at this website.

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