Free Pregnancy Testing

Think you might be pregnant? Wakota offers free and confidential pregnancy testing. No appointment is needed, although you can click here to schedule one online.

Life can be complicated. One of our Client Advocates is here to listen to your concerns about pregnancy, plus any other pressing needs or issues.  

After performing the test, the Client Advocate will provide you the results within just a few minutes. No matter what the results, a Client Advocate is right there with you to provide emotional support. Your personal information is always safe with us—we follow strict confidentiality policies and procedures.

With a positive pregnancy test, you’ll receive a detailed educational packet on your baby’s development, along with a month’s supply of prenatal vitamins. The Client Advocate will thoroughly review the materials with you, provide confidential lay counseling, and discuss scheduling an ultrasound appointment.

If needed, Wakota will provide you with a free verification of pregnancy form to assist you in obtaining medical insurance and scheduling your first prenatal appointment. In addition, the Client Advocate can help you obtain access to prenatal care by contacting one of the many nearby medical clinics we partner with.

If you agree, the Client Advocate will regularly check in with you via text, phone, and/or email—just to see how your pregnancy is going and to help navigate any barriers that may arise along the way.