The Good Father Program


Pregnancy is often thought of as a “woman’s issue.” However, Guiding Star recognizes that fathers need support and encouragement as well. That’s why we’re partnering with The Good Father Program to provide support for expecting fathers. Each week, men on our staff (who are certified life coaches) meet with expecting fathers to challenge, support, encourage, and mentor them. 

If you’re an expectant father, or if you already have children, The Good Father Program can provide the support, encouragement, and equipping you need to help you be a good father. The Good Father Program is a life coach-based program, and each session helps men clarify their personal and professional goals. It then helps men increase their confidence and motivation to accomplish their fatherhood goals and other life goals as well. 

To learn more about our Good Father program, call 651-457-1195 or stop by Guiding Star’s Family Support Center.