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Guiding Star Wakota provides any woman, any mother,              any family compassionate, life-affirming care and support.

Programs & Services

What’s New

Guiding Star Wakota recently relocated to its temporary location at 1201 Robert Street South, within Signal Hills Center in West St. Paul. You’ll find us in Suite 14A (next to Foot Locker), where we will continue to offer all our programs and services until construction of our new building is complete.

While our location has temporarily changed, our programming and services have not. We continue to offer everything listed above. And when our new building opens in late 2021, offering four times our current space, look for expanded programming and additional
service providers.

One Client’s Story

Wakota At-a-Glance

During the last two years alone, Wakota has:

  • Averaged 4,400 client visits
  • Served 1,200 unduplicated new clients annually
  • Provided 360 ultrasounds
  • Taught 850 education classes
  • Given away 975 pieces of large baby equipment (such as high chairs and strollers)
  • Distributed 192,000 diapers and baby wipes
  • Handed out 3,700 pieces of baby clothing

Our Clients Say…

“This is a great place for women.”

“Thank you all for being such amazing people and for helping those who need it, whether it is supplies or a laugh or a hug. You all made a huge impact on our lives!”

“Very fun visit. It helped connect me to my baby.”

“Thank you for offering all these services. I would not have been able to do this

“Feels like home, always welcoming! Kind and treated me great! Wakota has wonderful staff.”


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