Wakota - A Guiding Star Center


Healthy Relationships Class

We are excited to announce the addition of a class on Healthy Relationships to our class roster.  Wakota has a range of classes from Childbirth, Introduction to Doulas, Breastfeeding to Parenting, Returning to School, Introduction to Life Coaching as well as Budgeting and Finance and Food Resources.

These classes are offered free of charge and may be tailored to you.


Wakota – Our Mission & History

Wakota was organized in 1976 by two physicians and a group of local citizens. Their mission was to “help anyone in need of health care and basic social services from conception onward.” As Wakota has grown and evolved over time, our focus has been on the needs of pregnant women and their families. Wakota is committed to the  truth that every individual has the right to life from conception to natural death. We seek to offer compassionate help and hope, enabling positive life-affirming choices to all who have been touched by pregnancy. Our mission adheres to the teachings of the Catholic Church. We serve all without discrimination.

We are proud to be an affilitate of The Guiding Star Project whose focus is on holistic women’s health care; education about fertility, breastfeeding and more.  We are growing, our services are expanding.  It is an exciting time for Wakota.

Wakota helps families every day.  Our services offered are growing;  we are serving more families.

Services Provided

2017  Totals

   2018     Totals
Pregnancy Tests386351
Follow-up Calls555444
Clothes (4-5 outfits per pack16391834
Layettes (Bag with 30+ items for a new baby)251249
Free Corner (misc items: new bottles, pacifiers, books, toys)23102638
Other Large Equip (bouncers, high chairs, changing tables)387372
New Clients559529
Total Mat’l Asst30803798
Total Center Visits37594480