Education Programs

Giving you tools to succeed, reach your dreams and be the person and parent you want to be.

The Car Seat Safetly Seminar is typically held once per month on a Saturday.

All other classes may be scheduled at your convenience.  Give us a call for more information at 651-457-1195.

Intro to Doulas

What are the benefits of having a doula assist during pregnancy,
labor and delivery and after.  Referrals for doulas provided.

Car Seat Safety Seminar

You may receive either a brand new infant car seat or convertible car seat when you take two Wakota Learns Classes and our Car Seat Safety Seminar.  This seminar is given by a trained technician

Child Care Resources

Find an affordable and safe way
for your child to bcared for while you are at work or school. 

Fertility Awareness

Learn a natural way to track your
 fertility as an alternative to birth
control and how your monthly
cycle can indicate your
overall health. 


Prepare for your childs birth and minimize natural fears by learninwhat to expectechniques to
  during labor

Budgeting & Finance

Let’s create a working, realistic budget that fits you, and your goals.


Develop a plan to earn your GED,
learn English, or pursue higher education. 

Healthy Relationships

Real Essentials relationship topics include: Successful  Dating;
Intimacy; Relationship Red Flags; Questions Before Marriage and
many more. 


Taught by a doula.  Includes the
proand cons of breastfeeding vs formula, the  importance of skin
to skin contact, feeding cues,
affectionate latch and various
breastfeeding positions. 

Housing Resources

Find affordable housing through
practical steps you can take and
 available resources. 

Employment Skills

Lets work together to  find
employmenthighlighting your
skills,  preparing a  resume and
getting  ready for your interview. 


Topics tailored to your specific
may include newborn care,  potty– training,  discipline, and child development

Food Resources

Explore money saving food
s;  identify and apply to to programs, and learabout
proper nutrition. 

Intro to Life Coaching

Design a personalized plan
toward a goal  important to you.
Identify potentiaobstacles, and
prioritize the steps t success.